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The Social Recruitment Monitor™ is powered by Maximum, a world-class employer marketing and recruitment advertising agency with offices in London, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. Our client list includes Danone, Deloitte, Fiat Group, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Nike, Novartis, Shell, Sodexo, Starbucks and Voith.

Maximum is a boutique agency that likes to remain small and agile. There are sixty of us, all specialists, and our advanced digital solutions are 100% generated in-house. We have a knowledgeable and sophisticated research presence, especially in the digital arena and with regard to social recruitment. This means we can make things happen for you that other agencies can’t.

Giving your organization the edge takes serious research, heavyweight strategy, considered creativity and intelligent use of the digital space. This is why we’ve developed the Social Recruitment Monitor™ for you, the definitive index on the use of social media for recruitment purposes.

To find out more about our research capabilities, email or call him on +31 10 284 20 20.

To find out more about how Maximum can make you a more effective employer, email or call her on +31 10 284 20 20.

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The Social Recruitment Monitor™ is the world’s first purpose-built online tool that delivers an accurate and objective weekly overview of employers’ social media recruitment activities.

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