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The Social Recruitment Monitor™ is the world’s first online tool to accurately measure and rank your social media recruitment activities as an employer using social media channels. It uses advanced digital technologies to track data for the major social networks, and refreshes it weekly to keep figures up to date. It allows you to benchmark your performance against other employers, and to compare other employers with one other. The table shows your position in the rankings and whether you’re moving up or down them. It also enables you to monitor your performance in a number of specific areas.

Selection criteria
Our goal is to make a selection of social media accounts that are set up for employer branding and recruitment purposes. When adding an account to a monitor list we judge each social media account for three aspects:

  • To be included in a country list, accounts must be clearly set up for employer branding and recruitment in that specific region.
  • Accounts must be set up by a direct recruiting organization. Thus excluding accounts by independent recruitment firms, staffing agencies, etc.
  • Accounts must share mainly employer branding and recruitment-related updates (e.g. employee testimonials, inside stories, news on recruitment events, etc.). This excludes accounts that share mostly “corporate” content (e.g. about their products and services, etc.).

Why this monitor?

The Social Recruitment Monitor™ is the world’s first purpose-built online tool that delivers an accurate and objective weekly overview of employers’ social media recruitment activities.

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