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Selection criteria

Our goal is to make a selection of social media accounts that are set up for employer branding and recruitment purposes. When adding an account to a monitor list we judge each social media account for three aspects:

  • To be included in a country list, accounts must be clearly set up for employer branding and recruitment in that specific region.
  • Accounts must be set up by a direct recruiting organization. Thus excluding accounts by independent recruitment firms, staffing agencies, etc.
  • Accounts must share mainly employer branding and recruitment-related updates (e.g. employee testimonials, inside stories, news on recruitment events, etc.). This excludes accounts that share mostly “corporate” content (e.g. about their products and services, etc.).

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If you’re not currently engaged in any kind of social media recruitment, contact us today. We can show you how to use social media to make a significant difference to the way you attract, engage with and recruit talent.

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