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An introduction to WeChat for Employer Branding and Recruiting

WeChatTencent, one of the most successful Internet companies in China, announced third-quarter profits of 3.87 billion RMB, a 19.6% increase from last year. Its highly buzzed mobile app WeChat, launched in 2010, quickly earned the reputation as the future world-leading messaging app.

WeChat Global Expansion

WeChat expansion in Asia has been paying off. Without special localization plans, WeChat has been taking off outside Asia as well.

With an incredibly fast growing user base, WeChat managed to surpasses the 300 million mark within two years in China. Globally, WeChat has been focusing on its Asia market, such as Malaysia, Thailand, India, etc., at the same time taking off in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina since summer 2013. The popularity has led employers to experiment on how they can leverage WeChat for employer branding and recruitment.

Social Networking & Messagin

Tencent (Wechat: more than 2 million) is almost catching up with Facebook with totally 1054 million monthly active users.

Currently, paralleled to personal accounts, there are two types of public accounts on WeChat that suit employers – service account and subscription account.

Companies are already using WeChat in the following ways to support their recruitment and employer branding functions:

  • Set up branded recruitment channels
  • Broadcast job vacancies on WeChat career accounts
  • Invite followers to submit CV’s via WeChat
  • Host career Q&A sessions where questions can be submitted both in text as in audio voice messages.
  • Send newsletters to followers with career related information.

Both English and Chinese language content is distributed depending on the company’s preferences.

xiaomi recruitment 1

xiaomi recruitment 2











Xiaomi Technology career account (service account): two crops of Xiaomi Tech (Chinese mobile device developer) career account on WeChat. Once followed the account, followers can communicate with HR professionals working in Xiaomi Technology on WeChat using real time chat function. Once a message is sent, Xiaomi will reply in either text or audio voice messages.

At the bottom of the user interface, there’s a typing space as well as a menu bar. Navigating between the two can be done with one tap on the keyboard/list menu.

P&G recruitment

P&G career account (subscription account): above is a newsletter message sent by P&G career account on WeChat, providing three pieces of information – P&G internal news (awards won by P&G), professional advice (100 most suitable companies for working mothers) and professional news (the most attractive employers in 2013).

These two types of accounts don’t offer much difference in functionality for career accounts, only how newsletters appear in your message feed. With a service account, newsletters notifications will show up in between your other messages instantly grabbing your attention. Subscription accounts are grouped together and will not individually show activity.

Recently, WeChat added data analysis function to its public account service, providing employers some basic analytics and demographic information on their followers. With this functionality, employers can focus on creating more tailored content to engage with their target audience and attract the right talent.

So, when will you start to explore the platform?

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