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Big 4 Organizations: Social Recruitment Performance on Facebook

The big 4 organizations (PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY) are active on a global level with huge recruitment needs, especially for graduates, all over the world. As a result, they often decided to establish localised social recruitment channels instead of using one global account. Which means that they have a Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes even a YouTube or LinkedIn account for every relevant country.
We have analysed the social statistics of the available channels in the Social Recruitment Monitor from the Big 4 Organizations, over a period of 15 weeks (the last three months: June, July and August 2013) and calculated the average SRM Index, amount of fans, the average Engagement Ratio and the average Community Interaction, which are shown in the infographic below.
For the first graph in the infographic, we composed a list with the top 10 channels that are best performing on Social Recruitment. The only PwC channel in the Top 10 is leading the list: PwC India. Remarkably, the Indian and Brazilian Facebook channels occupy all spots in the top 4, with an average SRM Index score around 30. This score differs a lot in comparison to KPMG UK, which occupies the fifth position with a SRM Index of 21,29.
However, when it comes to engagement and interaction, KPMG Brazil is by far leading the list, as they have an average E.R of almost 1% and a C.I. of 0,0126% (which is more than double the score compared to PwC India!).
It is interesting to see from these statistics that local performance within global companies differ so much per region/country. Is that just a matter of attention, priority and resources spent? Or do you think there could be another reason?

  Analysed Facebook career pages: PwC (India), KPMG (Brazil), Deloitte (India), Deloitte (Brazil), KPMG Students (UK), EY (UK), KPMG (US), KPMG Experienced (UK), EY (Germany), EY (Australia)


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