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Changes to the SRM INDEX Interaction calculation

The Social Recruitment Monitor ranks employers by the SRM INDEX, our definitive benchmarking metric for social recruitment. It helps employers to accurately and objectively evaluate their performance against the competition. Not just by fanbase size, but on a carefully formulated mix of the three measurable parameters Popularity, Activity and Interaction.

Since the start we measure the weekly interaction parameter by calculating weighted metrics as the commonly used Engagement Ratio. Here’s an example of the set up we used for measuring engagement on Facebook;

Based on more than a year of insights from the monitor and, the numerous talks we had with people from the industry and the criticism on measuring engagement out of fanbase we’ve decided to change the way we measure engagement in the SRM INDEX to the following set up:

Engagement = [sum of likes, comments, shares]

Engagement = [sum of replies and retweets]

Engagement = [sum of likes, dislikes and comments]

Engagement = [sum of likes and comments]

Engagement = [sum of replies and forwards]

Engagement = [sum of likes and comments]

By this new calculation employers can now measure how well people respond to their content in a more simplified and transparent way. In the end this is the most direct quantitative feedback you can get based on your activity. Employers can learn from these insights and benchmark them with their competition. Where does your organization rank this week?