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Engagement of career accounts on Weibo increased 13% during the last 12 months

Many employers in China have realized how important social media is when it comes to employer branding and social recruiting. With Facebook and Twitter both banned in Mainland China, Sina’s Weibo has become the most important local substitute. Setting up a career account and being active on Weibo creates a great number of opportunities, but without KPIs (such as fan growth, post frequency, engagement, etc.) performance of a career account is hardly measurable.

The Social Recruitment MonitorTM is the world’s first benchmarking tool of it’s kind, updated weekly. Currently, on China Weibo list, there are over 90 active accounts, from which 61% are Fortune 500 companies and the rest 39% are Chinese organizations. After a year-plus of data collection we have captured some insightful developments.

During the past 12 months, the average number of posts on Weibo career accounts has increased a staggering 80%, from 5 posts per week in the beginning of the year to 9 now. Employers are becoming more familiar with and more active on Weibo and see the potential of this channel.

In comparison the same time last year, the average number of fans within career accounts on Weibo has increased from 19,901 to 31,633, representing a 62% year-on-year growth. Their target audience is gaining familiarity with career accounts and employers are crafting more effective social recruitment strategies to build their fan bases.

As a final win for the whole social recruitment practice, the average engagement ratio has increased 13% over the past year indicating that the level of interaction between employers and their audience keeps on climbing.

Without a doubt this past year has been an important one in the maturation of career accounts on Sina Weibo. We have seen a wide selection of topics, campaigns and online-to-offline events pass in the China list of the Social Recruitment MonitorTM and these efforts have been paying off. Stay tuned to find out about new developments in the upcoming year.