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Engagement on Twitter for employer branding boosted over the last twelve months

Engagement on Twitter for employer branding and recruitment

Many global employers have established a twitter stream for employer branding and recruitment purposes. When active on Twitter it is very useful to measure your performance on social media and to compare yourself against the competition using an objective benchmark that includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as engagement.

The Social Recruitment Monitor™ website (launched in October, 2012) displays these KPIs, in which engagement plays an important role. Currently, around 800 Twitter accounts from fifteen different regions are being tracked on a weekly basis. In what way has Twitter developed as a social recruitment channel the past year? After analyzing the social statistics of the global Twitter accounts in the monitor, we can give you the answers:

Most importantly, there has been an increase of 42% in the average engagement ratio. Employers noticed that Twitter can be used effectively for employer branding and recruitment purposes, hence they try to engage more with their audience.

Secondly, as Twitter remains a popular channel, it is not surprising to see that the average number of followers increased steadily with 15% over the last year.

When it comes to the number of tweets, nothing has changed much since employers remain to tweet 27 times per week (on average). However, even though the number of tweets remains the same, the engagement increased. Hence, we can assume that employers succeeded in improving the content and the quality of their tweets.

So if we look back at the social statistics of the previous year, Twitter has experienced a growth when it comes to the number of followers per employer and the engagement ratio. Will engagement remain booming next year? And will Twitter continue to gain more attention from employers and job seekers?

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