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Facebook Photo Updates Likely to Result in Higher Engagement

Do different updates on Facebook influence the overall engagement and fan base growth? An analysis based on 1,800 employer ‘career pages’ on Facebook by the Social Recruitment Monitor, between July and December 2013 demonstrates that there are indeed differences in the effect on engagement and fan base growth by sharing different types of updates.

Continental differences
An intercontinental analysis over a period of six months demonstrates not many direct differences when comparing the type of updates between three major continents (Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific). As is shown in the graphs below, more or less half of the employer branding and career related content on the Facebook pages in these regions tends to be shared via photo updates.

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The differences between major regions are not surprisingly significant. On a national level, however, we have identified substantial differences.

Country differences
When comparing Australia with Japan for instance, Australia relies for 38% on photo updates whereas Japan almost doubles this figure, as they are 69% more likely to share photo-accompanied-content. The varying types of updates by countries are often a result of cultural differences.

Additionally, significant differences have been identified within Western Europe. If we take a closer look at the United Kingdom and Germany, a clear distinction is visible when looking at the amount of photo-updates shared by the top-10 employers by the SRM INDEX on Facebook within these countries. While UK employers of Facebook are 40% likely to share photo content, Germany exceeds expectations with a whopping two-third of photo-accompanied-updates.

Comparison UK vs. Germany

UK versus Germany
So, let’s dig a little deeper into the data to find out whether the type of updates affects engagement and fan base growth. We’ve analysed data from the top-10 performing employers according to the SRM INDEX, between July and December 2013;

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As the table shows, the fan base of the top-10 employers in Germany turned out to be 15% bigger in comparison to the fan base of the top-10 employers in the UK. Moreover, the fan base growth differs greatly as German employers experienced a difference of a percentual growth of 22%. However, what is the reason behind these country differences?

A photo says more than a thousand words
Since there is not much difference in the number of updates shared, it is reasonable that a possible explanation for the country differences might be found in the different type of updates shares and the level of engagement.

By sharing relatively more photo updates, German employers generated much more engaging content resulting into a quadrupled amount of likes, comments and shares and a bigger percentual growth in their fan bases.

A quick scan at some of the top-10 German career pages on Facebook shows that German employers often work on their employer branding via Facebook by sharing photo content of life inside the office.

A firm conclusion is of course hard to make, but it is an interesting thought whether it is truly the usage of pictures that affects the engagement and fan base growth profoundly. Do you also think that sharing photo content result in a higher significant growth in engagement and fan base than other content types?