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Netherlands, UK & USA Best Performing Countries Regarding Social Recruitment on Twitter (July 2013)

The infographic below displays regional differences regarding the social recruitment performance on Twitter in July. We have tracked the data of almost every region that is available in the Social Recruitment Monitor™ and calculated the average SRM Index, the amount of followers, tweets and retweets. However, even though the engagement ratio and number of followers often depends on the size and population of every country, we would like to share some of our remarkable findings.

SRM Index differences per region

Top employers in a small country –The Netherlands– lead this graph with an average SRM Index score of 55.65. UK (45.23) and US (42.78) employers occupy the second and third position and Sweden is closing the list with a score of 12.79. Although the Dutch have a much smaller fanbase, they succeed in engaging with their audience.

With a median amount of 5080 people, the global channels are dominating the pie chart when it comes to number of followers. Brazilian employers are second with a median of 2550,5 followers per channel.

When we look at the amount of (re)tweets for every country per week and channel, it is remarkable to see that the global recruiters tweet the most (with an average of 29 tweets per week), while UK employers are leading when it comes to retweets, with an average amount of 194 retweets per channel!


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