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The Community Interaction Explained

Facebook is a great platform for you, as an employer, to share employer branding and recruitment related stories and to start conversations with potential future employees. When having a Facebook careerpage, you’re not the only one initiating conversations, as users often ask questions about open positions or other specific information. Facebook offers you an option in which users can post comments or questions on your careerpage. By enabling this option, a box of ‘recent posts by others’ will appear on your page.

Facebook users now have an easy way to get in touch with your organization by simply posting a comment to the Facebook career page. When other people respond to these comments or other questions posted to your page, sort of a ‘community’ is formed. In order to measure the ratio of fans interacting with one another on your page, we defined the weekly calculated Community Interaction score (C.I.).

Here’s an example of a conversation on the MGM page:

Conversation on the MGM Page

Community Interaction calculation

The C.I. is calculated by the activity of your fans on your Facebook timeline and is measured by tracking the number of posts, likes, comments and shares produced by fans on your Facebook page. Every interaction is weighted equally and your replies are excluded from our calculation. The formula, as stated below, explains the exact calculation behind the Community Interaction score.


The Community Interaction score plays an important part in the calculation of the SRM Index score applied to Facebook.

The importance of Community Interaction

As your fans start to post comments and reply to each other they form a community on your Facebook page. It is plausible that these type of interactions could be seen as authentic discussions since they are initiated by Facebook users themselves.
In addition, lively interactions between Facebook users on your page have a high chance of appearing in the timelines of the friends of your fans, because of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm.
For these reasons, it is important to encourage your fans to ask questions or post comments to your page. In return, you have to make sure all incoming comments and questions will be answered accordingly.