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The Engagement Ratio Explained

The SRM Index is based on important variables like the activity of the employer and the interaction with the fanbase. For the interaction variable, we measure the Engagement Ratio. Every interaction a fan has with your content is considered as engagement, thus the Engagement Ratio exposes the percentage of your fans/followers that engage with your content. For instance, liking a post or retweeting a tweet.
(For more information about the exact calculation of the engagement ratio for the different social media channels, please visit our website)

The importance of engagement on Facebook

Engagement with fans is important for two different reasons:

  1. It is an indicator of how successful you are in generating feedback to the stories you share as an employer.
  2. Higher engagement and interaction will generate more visibility for the organization’s updates.

Especially the last point is an important issue to take into account, since a fan’s newsfeed (or timeline) is the primary location where page content is consumed. If we look at Facebook for instance, organizations want to ensure that their updates will be visible to the fans by appearing on the fans’ newsfeeds. However, the probability of appearing on a fan’s newsfeed has decreased tremendously, as Facebook introduced EdgeRank (an algorithm that determines if and how long a post will appear in the newsfeed of a fan). The exact formula to EdgeRank is proprietary, but it incorporates three factors:

  • Affinity: How involved is a user with the sender or the source?
  • Weight: How important is the update?
  • Time: How old is the update?

In addition, most sources agree that Facebook pages organically reach only 16% of their fans on average. This is where engagement comes into play: more engagement with the fans will increase the visibility of the organization’s updates as the fans will have a higher affinity with the organization, which is in turn an important factor of Facebook’s EdgeRank.

Engagement on Twitter

More or less the same applies to Twitter: Twitter developed a ‘Top Tweet’ algorithm, which finds the tweets with the most engagement (most retweets and replies for instance), and displays them in the ‘top tweet’ section in the browser. Secondly, as there are thousands of tweets every second, the visibility of a tweet is very short. The Twitter Engagement Ratio is a good indicator of how your tweets get notices and how they encourage engagement by replying or retweeting.

Why should you use the Engagement Ratio?

The Engagement Ratio is a convenient metric to measure the engagement between your organization and its fanbase. It is useful to track and analyse the results to see if certain types of content (photos or videos) increase the Engagement Ratio, since a higher Engagement Ratio, generates a higher visibility for your updates and therefore you are able to reach a broader amount of people. Want to know more? Visit the about section or go to and track the engagement ratio of your organization!