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The Social Recruitment Monitor now measures employers’ activities on Instagram

SalesForce, Amtrak and Mario Tricoci Rank as Most Active Companies Using Instagram for Recruitment 

As of today, the Social Recruitment Monitor added a new major social channel to its service. It allows employers to monitor their performance on Instagram and to compare it with the competition. Right now, Amtrak, SalesForce and Mario Tricoci are in pole position. Starbucks holds the largest fan base at the moment with 7.262 followers.

Instagram for recruitment
The social networking photo-and-video smartphone app Instagram is very popular at the moment among the younger generation (13-25). It enables users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking services. More than 200 million global users capture and share their lives monthly.

Out of all the social networks, Instagram has seen the biggest growth of 25% in active usage, according to GlobalWebIndex (GWI) in their Q1 research report. The app is “cool” for the younger generation that say goodbye to Facebook and use messenger and photo apps instead.

There’s an increase in consumer brands using Instagram to reach out to Instagram users for commercial purposes. In contrast, the app is less used for employer branding and recruitment. However, this is a missed opportunity since the app provides some great opportunities to visually display your employer brand. Almost all employers that use Instagram share photos of their employees in working situations to communicate about life inside the office. According to the Social Recruitment Monitor data, we see that employers post two updates a week on average.

Objective comparison
For the first time ever, the Social Recruitment Monitor now enables employers to analyse exactly how employers using Instagram perform and how their activities compare with other employers. The monitor is ranked based on the weekly calculated SRM INDEX, the overall rankings indicator which uses a combination of carefully weighted variables that are proven indicators of popularity, activity and interaction – not just the “fan base”.

Best performing employers on Instagram
Based on an analysis over the average SRM INDEX performance, we registered some interesting results. In the first two quarters of this year, SalesForce, Amtrak and Mario Tricoci scored highest in the average weekly SRM INDEX.



The global cloud computing company SalesForce is in 3rd position with an average SRM INDEX of 15.90. They post around 5 updates a week and share an interesting mix of photos capturing the life at SalesForce both in and out of the office.



The United States national railroad passenger corporation Amtrak sits in 2nd place with an average SRM INDEX of 28.38. They post around six updates a week and mainly repost photos. With these reposts, they share updates of others telling about the ins and outs of Amtrak and its employees.

Mario Tricoci


This Chicago based salon & day spa company has surprisingly taken first position in our analysis over the first two quarters of this year. They score an average SRM INDEX of 62.24. They have a high frequency of postings with 14 posts on average per week! They mainly share updates of their students at work to show users a behind-the-scenes look at their company culture. Students provide photos which they share via their account using the #studentshoutout hashtag. They get a lot of engagement by doing that.

We’ve observed that these three employers do so well in the rankings because they manage to share authentic and personal photos of their employees and get to show their followers an inside look at their company culture. By doing so, they get high levels of interaction.

Furthermore the analysis showed that you don’t need tens of thousands of fans to perform well on Instagram. It just takes the right effort to share photos that capture your company culture with your follower base. Isn’t that social?

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