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Top 10 Global Employers on YouTube in July

YouTube can be a very effective recruitment platform for your organization as video is an excellent medium to distribute rich, appealing content to your target audience. It allows you to display different stories in video format providing a sneak peek into employee experiences, company culture and see what the organization cares about. We tracked the social statistics of global employers with a career presence on YouTube (who are indexed in the Social Recruitment Monitor™), and composed a top 10 list of the employers with the highest average SRM Index in July. This resulted in the following findings (for the complete statistics, view the interactive infographic below):

SRM Index on YouTube

Before diving into YouTube, we calculated the average SRM Index over July 2013 and the top 10 employers with the highest average SRM Index are shown in the first graph. Intel dominates the list with a score of 69.74. Google comes in second with an average SRM Index of 67.59. The scores of TeleTech (54.70) and Wal-Mart Stores (53.63) are very close, occupying the third and fourth position. Hewlett-Packard comes in on the tenth position with a score of 41.91. In the second graph the total amount of videos in July per global employer is shown. According to the social statistics, TeleTech published by far the most recruitment videos in total as their channel holds a total of 224 videos.

Length and number of viewers

In the third graph the average video length is shown per employer. Highest ranked is Intel, leading with a 19 minutes average video duration. Google is the only organization that gets relatively close with almost 11 minutes. In addition, this graph shows the absolute amount of views. While Intel dominates the list in average length, Google leads when looking at the total amount of views. Their recruitment videos have been watched over 2 million times in total! Despite of the above, the employers TeleTech and L’Oreal experienced the strongest growth regarding the number of views, both achieving a growth of over 4% in July. When analysing the comments and likes in reactions to the videos we calculate a weekly Engagement Ratio, which displayed in the pie chart. L’Oreal achieves the highest engagement ratio of 0,64%, which is nearly double the score compared to the 0.34% of Microsoft.

It’s all about sharing appealing content

We noticed that YouTube is an effective platform for employer branding and that leading global organizations are acknowledging this. With the amount of videos posted on these video recruitment channels organizations as Google and Intel are seeing direct return in the number of views their career channels generate. Creating and distributing rich content on YouTube proves to be a highly effective way of increasing exposure.


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