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Why Uniformed Services Employers are Top Performers in Social Recruitment on Facebook

The engagement ratio is an important variable for the SRM Index. We’ve put this to the test and tracked the social statistics of all the Facebook career pages from the Social Recruitment Monitor™ (with 5000 likes or more over a period of 12 weeks: Q2, 2013), and found out that organizations in the uniformed services industry are the best in class when it comes to engagement on Facebook.

Best performing social recruitment Facebook pages

Engagement is key, as it increases the visibility of your status updates, allowing you to reach a broader audience. After analysing the social statistics, we composed a list of the top-10 organizations with the highest average engagement ratio over Q2 of this year (see table). It is remarkable to see that five out of ten organizations are from the uniformed services industry:

  • Australian Defence (the Australian army) – 57.155 likes.
  • Försvarsmakten (the Swedish army) – 32.829 likes.
  • Koninklijke Landmacht (the Dutch army) – 10.942 likes.
  • Gendarmerie Nationale (the France national police) – 57.985 likes.
  • Politie (the Dutch national police) – 12.826 likes.

Moreover, the top-3 is entirely occupied with uniformed services organizations.

Ranking Organization Average E.R.  Industry type
1 Australian Defence 3,4665 Uniformed Service
2 Försvarsmakten 1,8869 Uniformed Service
3 Koninklijke Landmacht 1,5192 Uniformed Service
4 Union Pacific 1,3317 Transportation
5 Robinson 1,1638 Travel/leisure/hospitality
6 Gendarmerie Nationale 1,0838 Uniformed Service
7 Politie 1,0118 Uniformed Service
8 HAKUHODO (Graduate) 0,8298 Marketing
9 Airbus 0,7134 Transportation
10 Embraer 0,7024 Construction/engineering

When seeking an explanation for the high engagement ratios of the Australian Defence, Försvarsmakten and the Koninklijke Landmacht, we found their content strategy quite effective. They share content frequently, often outside office hours and mostly in the form of rich content as photos and videos. As the examples show, the content is often visually appealing, diverse and very lively. Examples are photos from their forces in Afghanistan or celebrities encouraging soldiers and videos of field trainings. 'Show Of Force' Australian Defence Video of the Swedish Army Another reason is that the government as employer has a large amount of job vacancies and are willing to spend parts of their budget on targeting a broad audience via social media. This way they can maintain frequently updated pages with diverse content. Finally, uniformed services evoke feelings related to national pride, for some, which is an good base for engagement on itself.

Generate appealing content

Not every employer has the luxury of being able to offer their audience such diverse and illustrative content to achieve the level of engagement the uniformed services industry does. Nevertheless, we are convinced that employers are able to generate appealing content that hold relevancy to their own industry, we encourage all organizations to find effective ways of engaging their target audience.