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The Social Recruitment Monitor™ is a labor of love and a work in progress. Have a look at what others are saying about it.


“Most have recognised the importance social networking sites have on the majority of people’s lives and have therefore used Maximum’s Social Recruitment Monitor tool to promote their business.”


“Maximum’s New Social Recruitment Monitor(TM) Releases First Performance Findings for Major U.S. Companies”


“The SRM Index will allow you to measure your SRM Index over time, and against your competition for talent, and provide real proof of the impact of your new social recruitment star.” Jody Ordioni on


“I’m really looking forward to hearing about the trends that are coming out of this research. I recommend that you take a look at the index yourself.”
Bill Boorman on


“I think the Social Recruitment Monitor is an interesting effort on measuring the social employer branding activities…”
Dominik Hahn on Soziales Brandmarken


“My first response was that it’s a nice initiative to monitor the performance of social recruitment activities of corporate organisations, which can be helpful to learn from the best.”
Jacco Valkenburg on Global Recruiting Roundtable


“For the first time ever, employers can now accurately assess how well social media is working for them in attracting and engaging potential candidates.”

“A marketing/advertising agency called Maximum has launched the Social Recruitment Monitor to measure your social media recruiting activities.”


“It is the world’s first online measurement tool that provides actual weekly ‘popularity’, ‘activity’ and ‘interaction’ insights in social recruitment activities by global employers.”


“Maximum komt met Social Recruitment Monitor”
Adformatie (Dutch magazine)


October 11, 2012 – London, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore
Maximum Employment Marketing Group launches the world’s first online measurement tool for social recruitment.
Global press release Maximum


[Dutch] “Deloitte en de Politie zijn momenteel de meest sociale werkgevers op Facebook blijkt uit de vorige week gelanceerde Nederlandse Social Recruitment Monitor.” Werf&


[Dutch] “Voor het eerst kunnen werkgevers nu precies vaststellen hoe hun activiteiten op social media zich verhouden tot andere werkgevers.” HI-RE


[Dutch] “Interessant is de mogelijkheid om twee werkgevers met elkaar te vergelijken: bijvoorbeeld het eigen bedrijf met een concurrent.”


[Dutch] “Vooral de laatste twee ratio’s E.R. (Engagement Ratio) en C.I. (Community Interaction) zijn een goede indicatie voor interactie.” Bas Westland


[Dutch] “Succes op sociale media: daadwerkelijke interactie met uw doelgroep.”


Rotterdam – Hong Kong, 22 November 2012 [Dutch] Politie, Deloitte, Sogeti en Albert Heijn meest actieve werkgevers op social media. Dutch press release Maximum