Social Recruitment MonitorTM依据SRM指数——针对社交招聘进行权威评估指数——评估雇主社交招聘活动。它帮助雇主精确并且客观地评估与竞争对手的社交招聘表现。相比只参考粉丝数量,SRM在评估时借助方程,将三个重要参数融合并加以计算:普及度,活跃度以及互动度。



Netherlands, UK & USA Best Performing Countries Regarding Social Recruitment on Twitter (July 2013)


The infographic below displays regional differences regarding the social recruitment performance on Twitter in July. We have tracked the data of almost every region that is available in the Social Recruitment Monitor™ and calculated the average SRM Index, the amount of followers, tweets and retweets. However, even though the engagement ratio and number of followers often depends on the size and population of every country, we would like to share some of our remarkable findings.

Big 4 Organizations: Social Recruitment Performance on Facebook

(English) The big 4 organizations (PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY) are active on a global level with huge recruitment needs, especially for graduates, all over the world. As a result, they often decided to establish localised social recruitment channels instead of using one global account. Which means that they have a Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes even a YouTube or LinkedIn account for every relevant country.
We have analysed the social statistics of the available channels in the Social Recruitment Monitor from the Big 4 Organizations, over a period of 15 weeks (the last three months: June, July and August 2013) and calculated the average SRM Index, amount of fans, the average Engagement Ratio and the average Community Interaction, which are shown in the infographic.

Top 10 Australian Recruitment Pages on Facebook (July, 2013)


The table below displays the 10 best performing social recruitment Facebook pages of Australia. The top 10 is ranked by the average SRM Index score, over a period of 5 weeks (July, 2013). We have created a top 10 list in order to give you a clear overview of the organizations that have performed best on social media regarding recruitment during the last month.

The Community Interaction Explained

(English) Facebook is a great platform for you, as an employer, to share employer branding and recruitment related stories and to start conversations with potential future employees. When having a Facebook careerpage, you’re not the only one initiating conversations, as users often ask questions about open positions or other specific information. Facebook offers you an option in which users can post comments or questions on your careerpage. By enabling this option, a box of ‘recent posts by others’ will appear on your page.

Facebook users now have an easy way to get in touch with your organization by simply posting a comment to the Facebook career page. When other people respond to these comments or other questions posted to your page, sort of a ‘community’ is formed. In order to measure the ratio of fans interacting with one another on your page, we defined the weekly calculated Community Interaction score (C.I.).

Top 10 Global Employers on YouTube in July

(English) YouTube can be a very effective recruitment platform for your organization as video is an excellent medium to distribute rich, appealing content to your target audience. It allows you to display different stories in video format providing a sneak peek into employee experiences, company culture and see what the organization cares about. We tracked the social statistics of global employers with a career presence on YouTube (who are indexed in the Social Recruitment Monitor™), and composed a top 10 list of the employers with the highest average SRM Index in July. This resulted in the following findings (for the complete statistics, click on ‘read more’ for the complete infographic):